Drago Jazbec, CFO

Drago Jazbec

McBride Kelly and Associates, LLC

326 S Hyde Park Ave Tampa, FL 33606

Drago Jazbec is the Chief Financial Officer of the company, licensed real estate agent, and member of the Business Brokers of Florida Association.  He originally graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering and spent his early years designing trucks and buses. Later, Drago was attracted to business and attained an MBA degree as well.

He has years of IT, accounting, and management background. He is a licensed mortgage loan originator originating loans by Bay to Bay Lending as a loan officer. His role is to create a flexible and lean business ecosystem within the company.  By adopting lean principles, the company is trying to eliminate waste and increase operational efficiency. In doing so, Drago has created greater value while using fewer resources, enabling our agents to provide increased value to our clients.

He is also a licensed Loan Officer (Mortgage Loan Originator NMLS #1917346) at our Affiliate Lending Company (Bay to Bay Lending) and he will make his best for you to get the Mortgage Loan and finance your home at the most favorable Interest Rate possible.


NMLS #4102

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