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Short Sale FAQ

Need help with your short sale? Our Certified Distressed Property Experts specialize in short sales and can provide you with everything you need to know, as well as answer any questions you might have. Not sure if a short sale is right for you? Wondering what the difference is between a short sale and foreclosure? Call us today to get expert advice on what your next move should be.

What is the benefit of a Short Sale?
A short sale is a negotiation between a homeowner and a bank to allow a property to be sold for less than the balance owed. The benefit to a homeowner is that it allows him/her to get out of a house that is upside down. 
How will a short sale effect my credit?
Short Sales will have a negative effect on your credit but to what extent will vary from person to person. A short sale will have less impact on your credit than a Foreclosure.  A successful short sale will show as Paid less than Full on your credit.
How long is the process?
The process will depend on the marketablilty of the property and the particular lender or lenders that hold the loan. On average our short sales have been negotiated successfully between 60 and 120 days.
Do I have to stop paying my mortgage to do a short sale?
You are not required to be behind on your mortgage but you will be required to show a hardship. Again every bank handles each case differently.


Our Realtors have worked with all the major banks! Here a few:



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