Why McBride Kelly?

When its time to sell your home or investment property, choosing the right real estate agent is very important.  MKA Realty''s Team offers assertive marketing programs, along with the knowledge, skills, and training accumulated from more than  twenty years selling real estate. They are the preferred choice when selling property in the Tampa/St. Petersburg Florida area.

Contact us for a free no-obligation consultation about your property. We will be happy to prepare a Comparative Market Analysis of properties in your area. This valuable information will provide you with a realistic idea of how to price your home based on comparative sales and market conditions for your area. We give you the facts, not padded information that over-inflates what the market is doing. You need real facts to know how the market is likely to treat your home. If you are "upside down"  and you owe more on your mortgage than the market will let you sell your home for, you may need to consider a "short-sale".  We can help you with your sale, whatever your situation is.

MKA Realty offers home sellers an comprehensive marketing plan to expose a seller's property to maximum amount of qualified buyers. With over a dozen years of experience, we can support you through the entire selling process from choosing the right asking price to negotiating offers and closing escrow. Keep reading to learn more about our Marketing Plan and client support services.

We provide information to help you determine a market price for your home

Selling a home requires the property be priced so it can successfully compete in the current real estate market. We provide in-depth comparative market analysis information to help you decide on the best price for your home. Today's market includes many foreclosures and "short-sale" properties. Buyers are price conscious and a home must be competatively priced to sell and appraise. If you need to "short-sale" we can provide you with the needed tools. So whether you are a "traditional" seller, or need to "short-sale, give us a call.